Multipitch Course

Multipitch climbing means climbing a long route with several stops on the way, so called belay stations/stand. The climbing between these stops are referred to as a pitch. The first climber arrives at the belay station and belay the second climber up, this is done until the top is reached. This Multipitch climbing course will teach you everything necessary for you to be able to, safely and efficiently, climb long bolted routes. You will learn how to rappel down after the accent, build belay stations, rescue methods, belay technices, ropemanagement and usefull knots.

Flexibility is a key concept at Grand Climb! Do you already have some knowledge but lack certain parts, or do you want to combine different courses? Just contact us, and we can design a special course at your demand.


Level: Beginner  Time: 6-8 Hours  Price: 160 €/pers.  Included: Personal instructor, equipment such as helmet, belay device, harness and shoes.  Transport: 20 € Fee will be added if pickup and drop-off as desired.

Pris 160 /pers.